Praise and Worship

praise and worship
Praise and worship is an important part of life at Ignite Church, and we LOVE it! While many people have different musical tastes, and there is no way we can satisfy all of them, our aim is to provide a balance between the latest worship songs and the very best songs of years gone by, including hymns.

We Avoid the Big Production and Opt for an Acoustic Light Rock Sound!

With the Emphasis on Worshipping Jesus and seeing the Holy Spirit Move Gently and Powerfully, not Smoke Machines and Flashing Lights!

In fact, Ps Darin has a great selection of modernised hymns at a really cool website where you can learn about the stories behind the hymns as well as download them, so click here to learn more…Darin’s hymns. Once a month we are also having mini worship festivals, for those of you who love worship and want more! So, whatever your taste in praise and worship, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Ignite Church.