Here is a great message from Ps Andrew Strom, which spoke to our hearts here at Ignite.

Andrew has a reputation for being a straight shooter when it comes to the Gospel, and many of us feel his message really resonated with us.

He talked about the responsibility of true revival preachers to preach the truth, and that fits perfectly with our stated aim to ignite a passion for the Lord and the lost in our church.

So settle back and enjoy this powerful and relevant message from Andrew Strom at Ignite.


In this wonderful testimony, Ulrich Jaeger shares how a sponsored child through Compassion International in India became a connection where he not only was able to support, and eventually meet his sponsor child, but he was also inspired as he began to see how God can use someone like himself to help in winning the world for Christ.

A fascinating, at times funny and certainly inspiring story that will bless you and make a difference in how you see the world!

And coming up soon, Pastor Darin will share how you can be a part of God's plan for winning the world for Jesus Christ!

After church Sunday 30th August, Winning the World for Christ

YWAM Ministering

YWAM Music visiting... We had the joy of YWAM ministering to us at Coast Church last Sunday, so here is a recording of Gunnar's message and Alex's song...

YWAM’s Music & Worship Discipleship Training School is an experience of a lifetime. Encounter God, make new friends, take part in missions, and find purpose as you minister with your music.

The Music & Worship DTS is a 5 month long program created to strengthen your relationship with God while finding purpose in the field of music & worship ministry. This school is specifically for singers & musicians and those passionate about supporting musicians in ministry (photographers, sound engineers, graphic designers etc). If you are a singer or worship leader but don’t play an instrument, you are still more than welcome to be a part of the school!