Speaking Life- Pastor Greg Biddell

Speaking life into your heart and your situation is the subject of this excellent and inspiring message from pastor Greg Biddell.

Speaking Life, Not Death

In this message, Greg shares his life and experiences as a missionary, a pastor, and an evangelist.  He questions the things we routinely say and speak about ourselves, our church, our families and businesses, and challenges us to be speaking life rather than death, blessings rather than cursings.

And this is relevant to all of us.  Many of the figures of speech we commonly use actually speak death over our lives.  I mean, think about it… “You’re killing me,” “You’ll be the death of me,” “I’m dying to see you,” … the list goes on and on.

Greg is right, we need to take care with the things we say.  Do not just chalk these up to culture or ideoms, listen to how you speak and make the change.  Why would you want to speak words of death when you can be speaking life with every sentence?

Greg and Sue have been in ministry since 1966 and have served as missionaries, pastors and teachers.  They now travel extensively throughout Australia as itinerant ministers.

Our desire is to teach the Word of God in a practical way, to help you be victorious, live in health and receive the blessings of God for your family, church and business life.

Greg has written and published over thirty five BooksCD’s and Charts, which can be viewed on our Products page or from the navigation bar on the left.  These are great resources which will inspire you to move deeper into God’s Word.

So if you are keen to be speaking life into all the situations you face, rather than words of death, then listen to Greg’s message now…

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