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Mind VirusesMind Viruses

Discover the Mind Viruses Our Culture Infects Us With, and Their Antidotes

Our world has medical viruses that infect our bodies, and our computers have viruses that affect them.

You may not realise it, but our society is now producing mind viruses that can infect our minds and change the way we think!

This intriguing book examines four of these mind viruses and how they infect your mind without you even realising it! It outlines the kind of thoughts they produce and importantly gives treatments that can free you from these damaging thoughts.

Learn how to inoculate yourself from the negative influences of mind viruses now…


What You Can Learn from Pain and Adversity in Your Life!

What can you learn from adversity and pain in your life?

This exciting book will show you what God can teach you through the difficulties of life and will help you to learn the lessons you need to learn so you can graduate from Uni-Adversity.

If you do not learn these lessons, you do not fail the course. You just get to resit the exam, over and over again! Who wants that?

Read this book and learn what adversity and difficulties can teach you to make your life into a better life!