connect groups

Connect groups are small groups which serve a combined role of friendship building, mutual support and training, and discipleship.

We believe we can maximize the effectiveness of discipleship through connect groups and the sense of community they create.

But at Ignite Christian Church, CONNECT GROUPS ROCK!

We have created an exciting array of connect groups that allow everyone to find something they are passionate about, so they can join in and connect with other, like-minded people.

Here are just some of the connect groups you might like to join (you can get involved in as many as you like!)

Traditional Bible Study Connect Groups:

At Adrian and Darlene's at Nambour Heights, 7pm, Led by Peter, call 0439 829913

At Colleen and Luke's, Coes Creek, 7pm, Led by Cam, call 0402 410450

New Christians Exploration, at Sean and Sara's, Wednesdays, 7pm (starting soon)

Ministry Connect Groups:

Worship Team, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at the Church, 7pm, call Pastor Darin on 0422 804 777

Intercessors, Tuesdays at the Church, 7pm, Call Warren on 0403 924869

Special Interest Connect Groups:

Ladies Art Class Every second Tuesday, 9am at the Church, Call Naomi on 0412 879053

Paleo/Healthy Cooking Class Tuesdays at 7pm at Darin and Fiona's, call Fiona on 0407 070871

Outdoor Adventure Group, every second Saturday at the church, 9am, Call Tim 0412 025519 or Fraser on 0437 348 842

Here are Four Reasons to Join a Connect Group...

1. The Friendship Factor- You can meet people that become lifelong friends, share struggles and joys and support one another.

2. The Challenge Factor- Connect groups bring accountability and challenge as you delve into the Word of God.

3. The Health Factor- Attending consistently grows relationships and spiritual health in every way, as you learn and pray together.

4. The Outreach Factor- New believers and even unbelievers can feel accepted and loved in a small group

So come on, get involved today in a connect group!