connect groups

Connect groups are small groups which serve a combined role of friendship building, mutual support, training, and discipleship.

We believe we can maximize the effectiveness of discipleship through connect groups and the sense of community they create.

But at Ignite Christian Church, CONNECT GROUPS ROCK!

We have created an exciting array of connect groups that allow everyone to find something they are passionate about, so they can join in and connect with other, like-minded people.

Here are just some of the connect groups you might like to join (you can get involved in as many as you like!)

To find out more about any of our Connect Groups:

Connect Groups Leader: Contact Mrs Leonie Bullock on 0422 804 777

Traditional Bible Study Connect Groups:

Men’s Bible Study: Nambour: Meets 9am  Tuesdays, 3 Laurel Avenue Nambour, Call Chris Garvie on 0410 513 873

3 Sermon Questions Group: Woombye: Meets 7pm Wednesdays, 4 Bowers Court, Call John Kenny on 0404 788 392

3 Sermon Questions Group: Coes Creek: Meets 7pm Wednesdays, 19 Mountain Breeze Court, Call Cam Barrie on 0402 410 450

3 Sermon Questions Group: Woombye: Meets 7pm Wednesdays, 7 Eagleview Court, Call Josh Gibbs on 0437 346 367

In-Deep Bible Study Group: Nambour: Meets 7pm Wednesdays, 3 Laurel Avenue, Nambour, Call Chris Garvie on 0410 513 873

Women’s Bible Study: Glenview: Meets 7pm Wednesdays, Call Danna Rankin on 0407 274 151

3 Sermon Questions Group: Caloundra: Meets 7pm Thursdays, 23 Sandlerling Street, Caloundra, Call Rod Brown on 0417 704 086

Ministry Connect Groups:

Worship Team, Meets 7pm Tuesdays at the Church, Call Leanne Shewan on 0412025519

Intercessory Evening Prayer, Meets 7pm Tuesdays at the Church, Call Cindy Barrie on 0417 753 988

Intercessory Morning Prayer, Meets 9am Thursdays at the Church, Call Cindy Barrie on 0417 753 988

Special Interest Connect Groups:

Ladies Coffee Morning, Meets 10am Mondays at Bean @ the Chapel, Suncoast Auditorium, Contact Carol Zammit on 0407 851 347

Alight – High-school age girls, Meets 4pm Tuesdays during term time, at the Church, Contact Fiona Browne on 0407 070 871

Men’s Coffee Morning, Meets 7am every second Wednesday morning, The Small Change Café, Bury St Nambour, Contact Geoff Jensen on 0438 591 113

Mother’s Group, Meets 9am Wednesdays, Call Lyndal McDermid on 0438 515 732

Craft Group, Meets 9.30am 1st and 3rd Fridays each month, 79/118 Bellflower Road, Sippy Downs, Call Ineke Molier – 0487 584 757

Catchfire Youth Group, Meets every second Friday night at 7pm, Call Jess Gibbs on 0410 472 281

Men’s Breakfast, Meets first Saturday of the month at 7.30am, Contact Chris Garvie on 0410 513 873

Ladies Morning Tea, Meets third Saturday of the month at 10am, Contact Carol Zammit on 0407 851 347

Firecrackers Social Group, Meets once a month for various activities, Contact Heidi Evans on 0439 792 980

Here are Four Reasons to Join a Connect Group…

1. The Friendship Factor- You can meet people that become lifelong friends, share struggles and joys and support one another.

2. The Challenge Factor- Connect groups bring accountability and challenge as you delve into the Word of God.

3. The Health Factor- Attending consistently grows relationships and spiritual health in every way, as you learn and pray together.

4. The Outreach Factor- New believers and even unbelievers can feel accepted and loved in a small group

So come on, get involved today in a connect group!