Dr Colin Dicks- A Perspective on Death and Dying

Join Dr. Colin Dicks, a Christian Oncologist, cancer doctor and an expert on death and dying, as he shares a Christian perspective on death and dying.

Death and Dying is a Part of Life

In this insightful and heartfelt message, Dr. Colin shares his experiences, as well as his professional expertise as a palliative care doctor who has walked this road with hundreds of people, Christian and unsaved.

Everybody should listen to this sermon because it puts into incredible perspective a journey we will all one day take, either sooner or later.  Indeed, for many Christians, the prospect of death and dying creates a tension between the faith we have for healing and the reality we face in that we are all going to die sometime.

Dr. Colin is a gentle and kind doctor, who has cared for and helped many people, believers, and unbelievers alike, to face the journey of death.

Whether you are walking the road of death with someone you love, or whether you are facing death yourself, this is one message you really need to hear.  It will change your life, and it will change your death too!

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