Men are a vital but often overlooked part of the modern church. Yet if a church is to become a vibrant part of their community, men’s ministry must form an important part of things.

Research is clear: the bigger your man shortage, the more likely your church is in decline. The denominations with the largest gender gaps are also those that are losing the most members.

The presence of enthusiastic men in worship services is statistically associated with congregational growth, unity, giving and serving, and according to a study from Hartford Seminary, gender-balanced congregations are three times as likely to be growing as female-dominated churches.

Jesus focused on men as He started His ministry, knowing that if you transform men, you transform the family, the community and even society. Draw a man to church, and you often get the family in the bargain.

At Ignite Church, we are committed to encouraging, developing and discipling men and boys, and that’s why men’s ministry is so important…

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