Chance to Minister



One of the greatest joys PastorDarin has in ministry is raising others to become the people they should be in Christ. So at Ignite, our leadership is committed to raising people up in their ministries to become all they can be, whether within the church or outside of Ignite. So if you long to develop a ministry with the full support and opportunities available in a vibrant, growing church, then Ignite is your new home!

At Ignite, Pastor Darin insists on people serving not where he perceives the need is, but where they love to and are gifted to serve. Church so often involves people filling a need, not doing what they love but doing what is required to help.  While we appreciate that serving attitude, we find that people are far happier, and far more inspired when they are doing what they love and feel called of God to do. At Ignite, we run several courses designed to reveal where your gifts and talents lie, and we raise up and release every person to serve where they love and desire to serve.

If You Want to Serve Jesus, Come and Check Out Ignite…

Tired of sitting in a pew watching the performance?

Why not come to Ignite and discover what your gifts are, what your dreams are and how we can open the door for you to grow and develop the world-changing ministry you long to become! Maybe you feel you have nothing to offer… well at Ignite, we beg to differ!  We believe that everybody has something to offer, some ministry that they can develop for the Lord. God has more for you than sitting in church watching the show!

Welcome Home to Ignite, Where You Can Grow the Ministry You’ve Dreamed Of!