Ps Rocky Veach from the US of A brought a beautiful and encouraging message to our people.

Speaking form the book of Hebrews, he shares principles that lead us to look forward to what God has for us, as a church, as people and as the people of God in our nation.


Here's a little more about Rocky Veach...

Rocky Veach is a respected leader, preacher, and pastor within the Christian community. Rocky has ministered widely throughout the United States and in nearly thirty other countries during the past 33 years. Along with Bobbi, he has worked in most every aspect of local church ministry. They have served as pastors in four churches. Today, Rocky oversees TORCH Ministries and directs IMN, a fellowship of independent churches dedicated to boldly preaching Christ and publishing the Gospel in the Americas. Rocky travels internationally, ministering in churches, conferences, and Bible Schools. Together, Rocky and Bobbi also pastor, “Connections Church” in Southbury/Newtown, Connecticut.

So settle back and enjoy his message today...

Learn about how you can find the goodness of God even when you are having a bad day or bad year.

This encouraging and beautiful word will give you the faith and strength to shine in dark times for the Lord...

So do yourself a favour and check out this message from Ps Bill, and learn how to shine even in your darkest hour, even if your bad day seems bad. Remember, God is good, even on your bad day!

Join Pastor Keith as he shares his heart on how you can rise above mere humanity and become everything God wants you to be in Christ.

Rising above mere humanity is a challenge to all of us, and Ps Keith brings years of experience and wisdom to help you live the life you've always dreamed of living.

Rising above mere humanity is your destiny...

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Join Ps Keith Heale and get ready to delight in delighting in the Lord.

Delighting in the Lord is... Delightful!

So often in our Christian walk we seem to just tolerate life, and just float through our relationship with God.  But today we discover that when you truly delight in God, and when you seek His face and not just His hand, then a new level of joy can open up for you.

So settle back and enjoy, dare I say delight, in this wonderful message from a wonderful, even delightful guy.  Delight yourself in delighting in the Lord...

Join us as Ps Melva shares this encouraging and wonderful message centered on the name of Jesus.

The Name of Jesus is Powerful!

Melva shares about the power we can find in the name of Jesus, power to live our lives to the full every day, power to make a difference in the world.

So don't miss this exciting opportunity to tap into the greatest name there is, on earth, above or below the earth, in eternity, across the heavens... The name of Jesus rules!

Here is a great message from Ps Andrew Strom, which spoke to our hearts here at Ignite.

Andrew has a reputation for being a straight shooter when it comes to the Gospel, and many of us feel his message really resonated with us.

He talked about the responsibility of true revival preachers to preach the truth, and that fits perfectly with our stated aim to ignite a passion for the Lord and the lost in our church.

So settle back and enjoy this powerful and relevant message from Andrew Strom at Ignite.


Join Dr. Colin Dicks, a Christian Oncologist, cancer doctor and an expert on death and dying, as he shares a Christian perspective on death and dying.

Death and Dying is a Part of Life

In this insightful and heartfelt message, Dr. Colin shares his experiences, as well as his professional expertise as a palliative care doctor who has walked this road with hundreds of people, Christian and unsaved.

Everybody should listen to this sermon because it puts into incredible perspective a journey we will all one day take, either sooner or later.  Indeed, for many Christians, the prospect of death and dying creates a tension between the faith we have for healing and the reality we face in that we are all going to die sometime.

Dr. Colin is a gentle and kind doctor, who has cared for and helped many people, believers, and unbelievers alike, to face the journey of death.

Whether you are walking the road of death with someone you love, or whether you are facing death yourself, this is one message you really need to hear.  It will change your life, and it will change your death too!

Ps Nev Neilsen shares a great message which serves to remind us to stay focused on Jesus.

In this modern day and age, we all need to take time out and listen to a message like this and stay focused on the main thing in life, which is Jesus Christ Himself!

Join Nev and Ignite to focus on what is really important in life...


Ps Keith Heale- The Nativity

The nativity is a common scene we witness around Christmas time. And just before Christmas is a great time to focus in on what the season is truly about, and that is the journey Ps Keith takes us on in this exciting message of hope...

Ps Keith is a favourite of Ignite Church, and we especially love his humour and the way he can take great Bible truths and make them easy to understand.  If you want to be blessed at Christmas time, this message about the Nativity and the true meaning of Christmas is a great way to achieve that!