Melva Kajewski- Be Not Deceived

Come and hear Melva Kajewski share a powerful and challenging message on deception... be not deceived!

Deception permeates our society, and it is even sneaking into the church, and Melva takes no prisoners with this sermon!  Funny thing about deception is that by its very nature you do not recognise it is happening.  So we believers can be subject to deception and not even realise it.  In fact., we can think that we are doing just fine when all along you are being compromised by the enemy!

Edmund Burton once said, "All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."  This applies to being deceived.  If we do nothing, if we float along ignorant or apathetic, we will see evil thing begin to triumph.

But if we are aware, if we are open to the voice of God, we can make a stand against the things that turn our heads and ruin our testimony before a needy world.  And our world needs us more right now than it ever has before, because we have an incredible opportunity to become salt and light in an increasingly dark and deceived world!

Ask yourself, "Am I allowing deception into my life, even in the things that outwardly seem to be religious and aligned with God?"  I recognise that this is uncomfortable, but Melva shows us that we must all as believers examine ourselves and our hearts to make sure we are not deceived. Again, the very nature of deception precludes you from seeing that you are actually deceived, so I believe that this is an important and life-changing message to bot us as individual believers and to the church as a whole!

So, listen to this message and keep an open heart, because we need to be pure and holy before the Lord in every way.  Enjoy this excellent and challenging message...

Join Ps Nev Neilson as he shares the incredible truths of how you can face and triumph in all things, through Christ who strengthens you. (Philippians 4:13)

I Can Do All Things!

Interestingly Ps Nev had another message prepared, but he felt the Lord spoke to him and changed his message.  I love it when men of God listen to the voice of God (and let's face it, this is not always the case!), so this message proved to be exactly what so many needed to hear today.

So settle back and enjoy a timely, God inspired message of hope and faith...

The Machine gun preacher Ps Sam Childers joined us for a very special evening at Ignite Christian Church. Sam is famous for the Machine Gun Preacher movie, but he is also a real person quite unlike what you saw portrayed on the big screen.

In this special event, Sam shares his heart about the nations in central Africa where he serves, and the various ministries he oversees in places like Uganda, Sudan, and surrounding areas.  He also shares his own struggles and testimonies and reveals exciting truths about God in very honest and real terms.

So come and join us for this very special event with one of the world's great speakers, and hear Sam Childers share this life-changing message...

Ps Chris Garvie- Nehemiah

Hear Ps Chris Garvie share some excellent teaching from the book of Nehemiah, particularly aimed at men stepping up and becoming the leaders God wants them to be...

Nehemiah Still Speaks Today

Chris is a man with loads of life experience and deep theology, and he can open the truths of the book of Nehemiah to reveal what God is saying to His people yesterday and today.

This message on awesome thinking sees Pastor Keith Heale share his wide knowledge on the brain and the way we think and shows that how we think can determine the life we live.

As God's chosen people, we need to change our way of thinking to line up with the way God thinks about us!

Awesome Thinking can Lead to an Awesome Life

Changing your stinking thinking for the right kind of thinking has profound effects on the way you approach every aspect of life, from the decisions you make to the attitudes you hold. It affects us as individuals, our life with the Lord and the lives of those around us.

So today is a great day to change the way you think, not just about God and His Word, but especially about yourself and the way you think.

Pastor Fred Bartolo brings this great message of forward movement, and everyone in the room was excited.  Ps Fred is a funny and entertaining preacher and deeply affected the lives of many at Ignite by encouraging them forward in their healing, their walk with God and their Christian faith.

So Who is Pastor Fred Bartolo?

Fred Bartolo and MaryPastor Fred Bartolo and his wife Mary have very different backgrounds.  Fred is an ex-Rugby League player who often found himself in trouble with the law , while his beautiful bride Mary lived in Brazil serving as a Catholic nun.  Both had a personal encounter with The Lord Jesus Christ and received Him as their Lord and Saviour at around the same time, but in different countries and under radically different circumstances!

They eventually met in Malta and got married the following year, being ordained as pastors in 1993.

Since then Fred Bartolo has served within Australia, but also around the world, notably planting fourteen churches in Chile and establishing outreaching church plants to several other South American countries. including Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Columbia, and Venezuela, as well as in their home country of Malta.

Fred Bartolo is now an elder of Ignite Christian Church, and has a well recognised and beloved itinerate ministry throughout Australia.  We clelbrate his powerful ministry, and the wonderful effect both he and Mary have had in all of our lives here at Ignite, and we are excited about the future and what the Lord is doing in and through this dynamic couple!

This message is one not to be missed!

The Holy Spirit and you is the title of this great message from Pastor Keith Heale, and I believe it has application for us all, no matter where our walk with the Lord is at the moment.

Filled with The Holy Spirit

Ps Keith shares with us his conviction and desire that being filled with the Spirit should be a normal part of our everyday lives, from the moment we awake until we close our eyes at night.  Every believer has the Holy Spirit within, but not every believer is controlled and lead by the Spirit, because not all of us yield to Him in all aspects of our lives.

So Keith takes us on a journey through the Bible from when the Holy Spirit was in and around people, to the point where He actually lives within us, giving us an incredible opportunity and privilege to allow Him to minister in and through our lives to those around us!

Responding to Islam- Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis shares an exciting and topical presentation on how we as Christians should be responding to Islam.

Not Reacting but Responding to Islam

Kevin reveals some of the historical background of Islam, and how the Koran points to the person of Jesus Christ.  He encourages us to love and pray for our Muslim brothers and sisters all around the world so that we can make a difference, and he shares exciting and up to date information on how the Spirit is moving among Islamic populations across the world drawing them to Jesus.

Across the Western world, people are reacting to the threat of Islamic militants with fear from the common man in the street right through to the highest level of government. So how should Christians be responding to Islam, and how should we as a church extend our love to Muslims around the world?

The truth is that most Muslims are not terrorists, and they are not actively seeking the demise of Christian churches.  Most Muslims are just like you or me... wanting to live a great and productive life, caring for their families and striving to live at peace with those around them.  The trouble is that the militant arm of Islam is giving every other Muslim a bad name!

And in the middle of all this, God is doing incredible things amongst Muslims. As Christians, we must choose the right and godly way of responding to Islam, with a message of love and hope rather than fear and condemnation. Kevin encourages all those who know the Lord to pray for Muslim countries and pray that they are not only blessed but also that Muslims will seek to know the one to whom there are nearly 90n references in the Koran, Jesus Christ.

This incredibly insightful and topical message, a must for every believer who loves the Lord and wants to see the world won for Christ, really got us excited at Ignite!

Melva Kajewski shares her heart and challenges us to stand firm in these dark days, for we have been placed here for such a time as this.

We live in days that seem darker than ever before, especially with the types of moral decisions our country is making, but Melva suggests that we are here, placed in this nation, for such a time as this!

So Melva urges us to take our eyes off the circumstances, off the moral decline and political correctness we now are subjected to, and see the truth that we can be part of a shining light to our generation!

So if you are perplexed or discouraged by the world in which we now live, listen to this message and be encouraged that it is no accident that you are here, in this place and at this time, such a time as this...

Speaking life into your heart and your situation is the subject of this excellent and inspiring message from pastor Greg Biddell.

Speaking Life, Not Death

In this message, Greg shares his life and experiences as a missionary, a pastor, and an evangelist.  He questions the things we routinely say and speak about ourselves, our church, our families and businesses, and challenges us to be speaking life rather than death, blessings rather than cursings.

And this is relevant to all of us.  Many of the figures of speech we commonly use actually speak death over our lives.  I mean, think about it... "You're killing me," "You'll be the death of me," "I'm dying to see you," ... the list goes on and on.

Greg is right, we need to take care with the things we say.  Do not just chalk these up to culture or ideoms, listen to how you speak and make the change.  Why would you want to speak words of death when you can be speaking life with every sentence?

Greg and Sue have been in ministry since 1966 and have served as missionaries, pastors and teachers.  They now travel extensively throughout Australia as itinerant ministers.

Our desire is to teach the Word of God in a practical way, to help you be victorious, live in health and receive the blessings of God for your family, church and business life.

Greg has written and published over thirty five BooksCD's and Charts, which can be viewed on our Products page or from the navigation bar on the left.  These are great resources which will inspire you to move deeper into God's Word.

So if you are keen to be speaking life into all the situations you face, rather than words of death, then listen to Greg's message now...