Bible Based Teaching

Great teaching is an important part of every Sunday at Ignite, but we insist that teaching is strongly Biblical based. This means that everything preached has Bible standards as its base, and PastorDarin insists that each point made during his message is supported by Bible references.

The Bible is the Basis of Everything We Preach and Believe…

What you will not hear at Ignite is one verse quoted and Pastor Darin rambling on for half an hour about his own opinions. Pastor Darin says, “After all, most people don’t want to hear my opinions, they want to hear God’s opinion, and my job is to research and make His opinion known.” This means that, when preaching about the big issues in our society at the moment, issues like same-sex marriage, transgenderism, and abortion, you will hear strong, Bible-based teaching, delivered with love but also without compromise. So, if you want relevant, powerful and easy to apply Biblical teaching, then come and check us out at Ignite Church.

We Want You to Discover God’s Manual for Life!

The Bible should become part of our daily living, part of our walk with God, but for so many Christians the Bible is simply a dusty book on the shelf. At Ignite, we want to change all that, and make the Bible come alive for you and your family. Pastor Darin has designed a Bible Reading plan, exclusive for Ignite Church, which covers the entire Bible in one year, reading only 2 chapters a day.  He believes that this is a very comfortable way to read the entire Bible, minus the less exciting parts.

If you want to read about skin diseases in Leviticus, or prophecies against Moab and Edom, then don’t consider doing the Ignite Bible Reading Plan. But if you want to read all the most important parts of the Bible, the entire Psalms and New Testament, and large slabs of the Old Testament, then this is the plan for you.

Read God’s Word daily and discover how fast you can grow in the things of God, and how He can lead and guide you through His Word.

Click to Download the Bible Reading Plan