About Our Pastors

Darin and Fiona Browne

Ps Darin Browne

Ps Darin, 2018 Queensland Father of the Year, is a full time pastor and a full time Behavioural Optometrist. He is also the Music Director and Soloist for Bill Newman Evangelistic Ministries, and a Christian recording artist.

He is married to Fiona, a professional counsellor, and Director of Lily House, a local charity helping young women in crisis.

Ps Darin has been senior pastor of Ignite Church for 6 years.

Ps Leanne and Tim

Ps Leanne Shewan

Ps Leanne is a mother of two teenagers, and is our associate pastor. Her special interest is community, and she heads Ignite’s community ministries.

She is married to Tim, who heads maintenance and is a long standing Ignite Board member.
Ps Josh and Jess

Ps Josh Gibbs

Ps Josh is a business manager, and a Bible scholar, an he heads the Youth ministries of Ignite Church.

He is married to Jess, a Nutritionist who heads Ignite Kids, the children’s ministry at our church.