3 Preachers- Shining Jesus to a Hurting World

Once again we had 3 preachers at Ignite, and this was awesome because it brought 3 perspectives on the topic Shining Jesus in a hurting world.

Shining Jesus is not All Talk

All three of our preachers considered the topic of how we as believers can shine the good news of Jesus to a world that is hurting, and clearly in crisis.

Paul West, Leanne Shewan and finally Pastor Keith Heale were able to bring unique and challenging perspectives to this topic which all of us should be considering.

In an age where many consider the influence of the church waning, our preachers went beyond just talking about it, to show us that every one of us has a chance to shine for Jesus.

So listen and enjoy the unique and wonderful perspective each preacher brought to this question, and ask yourself what God has called you to do, and how your life can always be shining Jesus to a hurting world.


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