No Smoke, No Laserlights, No Earplugs

Just Real People in a Real Community with God’s Power!

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Ignite Church Sunshine Coast

Your Church, Your Family, Your Community

We preach God's Word without compromise, with every message full of Scripture!

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Simple, intimate, easy to listen to worship, no smoke machines, lasers or earplugs required!

Every service offers opportunities to share your heart and get to know new friends.

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Join Us @ 8.30am and 10.30am
Every Sunday Morning

Senior Pastors
Come and Join Pastor Darin and Fiona Browne

Meet Our Pastors...

Serving Jesus and serving you

Senior Pastor Darin Browne brings a modern, high-tech approach to preaching, delivering engaging messages that challenge the heart. He is also an international musician and singer having travelled with Dr. Bill Newman for many years.
Darin Browne
Senior Pastor
Pastor Leanne Shewan is our Community Pastor, focusing on ministering to and meeting the needs of our church community, and the wider community of Nambour. She has an incredible voice and has served in street ministry and many worship bands.
Ps Leanne Shewan
Leanne Shewan
Associate and Communities Pastor
Pastor Josh and Jess Gibbs are Ignite's Youth Pastor and Kids' Church leaders. Josh has an incredible Bible teaching gift, balancing fun and excitement as he ministers. Jess has a heart for kids and sharing God's love in innovative ways. Together they connect with youth and teens.
Ps Josh Gibbs
Joshua Gibbs
Youth and Children's Pastor

A new community in the heart of Nambour

Ignite Centre

Ignite is church done differently

You might have noticed that on the Sunshine Coast, church after church looks exactly the same… Similar music, preaching, and activities.

So we decided to do things differently!

At Ignite Church, we are all about Real People, Creating a Real Community and serving a Real God.  We love Jesus and we are serious about living powerful, inspired lives for Him.

At Ignite you will find something refreshingly different, with simple, worshipful music, inspired, Bible-based preaching and teaching, plus a real family community that extends far beyond Sunday services.

Come visit us and experience Ignite for yourself

29 Short St, Nambour Qld 4560

Phone Us:    5442 3959  or   0422 804 777

Ps Darin Browne was awarded 2018 Queensland Father of the Year

Ps Darin was the Queensland Father of the Year for 2018, acknowledging many years of fostering street kids and also his and Fiona’s pioneering of Lily House, a live-in training centre for young women in crisis in our community. 

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Lily House is a local charity providing live in accommodation and training for young women in crisis.  

We care for girls who have experienced domestic violence, unwanted pregnancy, or have been through drug rehabilitation. 

Lily House provides real hope for women to reintegrate into society and Ignite Church oversees this amazing and powerful ministry and service to the community.

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